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Linear motor-DD motor -direct drive motor introduction

Linear motor-DD motor -direct drive motor introduction

Linear motor is a transmission device that directly converts electrical energy into linear motion mechanical energy without any intermediate conversion mechanism. It can be seen as a rotating electric machine that is sectioned in the radial direction and developed into a plane.

Linear motors are often simply described as rotating motors being flattened, and the working principle is the same. The forcer (rotor) is made by compressing the coils together with epoxy material; the magnetic track is to fix the magnet (usually a high-energy rare earth magnet) on the steel. The mover of the motor includes a coil winding, a Hall element circuit board, a thermistor (a temperature sensor monitors the temperature) and an electronic interface. In a rotating electric machine, the mover and the stator need a rotating bearing to support the mover to ensure an air gap of the relative moving part. Similarly, linear motors require linear guides to maintain the position of the mover in the magnetic field generated by the magnetic track. Like the encoder of the rotary servo motor installed on the shaft to feedback the position, the linear motor needs the feedback device of the linear position-linear encoder, which can directly measure the position of the load to improve the position accuracy of the load