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Servo and stepper motor application-robot dance

Servo and stepper motor application-robot dance

The general structure of the industrial robot electric servo system is three closed-loop controls, namely, current loop, speed loop and position loop. Generally, for AC servo drives, various functions such as position control, speed control, and torque control can be realized by manually setting its internal function parameters.

At present, AC and DC servo motors with high starting torque, large torque, and low inertia are widely used in industrial robots. Other motors, such as AC servo motors and stepper motors, will also be applied to industrial robots according to different application requirements.


In particular, the end effector (claw) of a robot should use a motor with a volume and mass as small as possible. Especially when fast response is required, the servo motor must have high reliability and a large short-term overload capacity. Specific usage requirements:


1. Rapidity.


2. Large starting torque inertia ratio.


3. The continuity and linearity of the control characteristics. With the change of the control signal, the speed of the motor can continuously change, and sometimes it is necessary that the speed be proportional or approximately proportional to the control signal.


4. Wide speed range.


5. Small size, small mass, and short axial size.