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Stepper Driver Aplication Solution

Stepper Driver Aplication Solution

1. What are the special requirements for the control system using a subdivision drive?

Driver subdivision will make a qualitative leap to the performance of the motor, but all these are generated by the driver itself, and have nothing to do with the motor and control system. Users need to pay attention to the step angle changes, this will affect the frequency of the control system's step signal.

2. stepper motor runs opposite of what I asked for, and how to adjust it?

Can change the direction level signal of the control system or  change by adjusting the wiring of the motor. Do as following:

For two phase motor, only need to exchange one phase line of motor then connect to driver.Such as exchange A+ with A-.

3. What is the automatic half current function?

The driver will automatically enter the half current state when the stepping pulse signal is stopped for about 2 seconds, and the motor phase current is half of the running time, so as to reduce the power consumption and protect the motor.

4. How do I adjust the phase current of the driver?

Novotech's drivers adjust the phase current through the dial switch. You can simply adjust the phase current by following the instructions.