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n95/ffp2/ffp3 Automatic 3ply disposable non-woven medical/surgical ear loop facial/face mask making machine

The one-to-two flat mask full-automatic machine can only produce disposable flat masks, not N95 and three-dimensional masks. Whether the mask is medical is not related to the machine. As long as the mask is disinfected, it will be medical mask.the mask produced by this equipment can be used for surgical masks.

Basic parameters:
Device size: 6.6 meters long x 3.5 meters wide x 2 meters high See picture: Voltage: AC 220V 12 A Compressed air: 0.6 ~ 0.8 MPa
Suitable mask specifications: 2/3/4 layer non-woven flat mask
Mask size: 95x175 mm
Production efficiency: 90 ~ 120 pcs / min 24 hours continuous work.

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